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Organizations are the most powerful driving forces in the world today. Yet, most organizations don`t leverage there full potential economically and to the
benefit of our society.

We believe in an human-centred approach of organizing and leadership. We believe there is no conflict being innovative and competitive and at the same time ethical and human.

We are passionate about creating organizations that are spaces where people can flourish and are connected to the organization's purpose, resulting in economic growth and a positive impact on our society.



Our mission is to support organizations & people to unlock there full potential.



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Doreen Hegemann
Strategic Consultant & Change Agent


Doreen Hegemann is an expert in Future Leadership and New Work. She believes that many companies all over the globe are facing extinction, if they keep on doing business the way they are doing it right now. She supports companies and organizations to move on to the next level. Her mission is to help companies getting fit for the future.

Doreen applies nearly twenty years of experience working at global companies like E.ON and Deutsche Telekom. With this profound professional background as a consultant, entrepreneur and networker, combined with a drive to transform organization she offers unique insights into corporate realities and the challenges of the 21st century. Her focus is always on people - as well as employees and customers.

With her consultancy services, she assists companies on their way to more agility and new work. Doreen enables and encourages organizations to question their current management practices by including insights from her personal global research activities on three continents. She shares new approaches and state of the art knowledge and methods that allow companies to live up to their full potential. 

In workshops, speeches and lectures she offers an unmatched perspective regarding the requirements for leadership methods for tomorrow based on shared visions and shared values.

She still likes to travel and continues to deliver her customers new impulses from the most dynamic regions of the world.

Furthermore, Doreen Hegemann is an honorary member of the board of EWMD (European Women’s Management Development International Network), an international management network for women. She campaigns for the participation of women in executive positions within corporations as well as society and communities. “It is necessary to start the empowerment of our girls right from their early days!”



We believe in the value of a purpose-driven work and life.

We believe money follows mindset.

We believe in the value of co-creating and collaboration.

We believe in the power of agile and self-management practises.

We believe in the power of an culture of innovation.

We believe even a small move can be radical.

We believe in inspiration insted of motivation.

We believe in finding solutions rather than finding excuses.

We believe we are limited only by our creativity.

We believe in action over reaction.

We believe in attitude without arrogance.

We believe we are just getting started.


CHANGE to be READY for todays challenges such as digitalization and complexity ... 

We support organizations and people to change for the needs of todays dynamic markets. We enable them to ask the right questions by inspiring and empowering to shape change and to transform from within.

Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images



Future Leadership I New Ways of Working I Innovative Organisation Design

Many companies face the pressure to adapt their strategies, keep reinventing themselves to avoid being eaten by competition.

What kind of leadership is needed to sail through these demanding times. Is there a need to shift approaches and attitude beyond systems and structures? (We share inspiring examples, our findings and conclusions of our research expedition around the world. Our global contacts to senior leaders provide us with new, innovative approaches on how businesses can maneuver the world of today successfully – purpose-driven, ethical and profitable, steady and adaptive, dynamic and peaceful, human and digital.)

We educate on real-life examples and inspire about their potentials to leverage these for your impact and growth.

We then work together to define how Future Leadership and New Ways of Working could look for you.




Discover your purpose I Create your vision I Define your winning strategies  I Align your organizations I Develop your Transformation Roadmap

What is your company`s purpose? Why does your company exist?

Are you asking the big questions? We help you identifying your direction. We support you to discover your purpose, define your winning vision and strategy and create specific actions to get there.

We do that not by enforcing a top-down plan, but initate a process of engaging everyone in conversation about how to make these qualities come to life – for the whole organisation. It`s about playfully creating something together and something good for everyone.

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kw_thailand/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kw_thailand/iStock / Getty Images


Management Action Game

Uniting teams I Unlock the creativity of your team I Playfully experience the dynamic of the market place I Team development

Playing is a a great way to learn. Playing is a source of motivation. Playing unleashs creativity.

Plugging into the collective intelligence of your organization needs interactive formats and methods, which engages everybody and make fun. Then magic can happen.

With our Management Action Game we want your team to experience the dynamic and complexity of todays markets. We want to create consciousness for entrepreneurial thinking and strategic positioning, yet creatively dealing with uncertainty and unexpected events. At the same time we promote collaboration and communication.

It`s about creating curiosity, being allowed to try and to make mistakes, the joy to experiment with different approaches. The game should be remembered as a great Human Experience. Yes – we play analog, not digital, for purpose.




Create a clear vision I Uncover hidden challengens I
Define your strategies I Transform yourself

„It start`s with I“: Change start`s within you!

The kind of leadership we need is changing. In this complex world, leaders no longer have all the answers or know the future with absolute certainty. Their role is moving towards holding the space while the intelligence of everyone in their organisation can be drawn upon. It`s not about adding more content on top of an existing leadership mindsets. It`s about changing your leadership mindset itself and the ability to transform yourself and the way you think.

With our future-focused coaching approach, we help you developing a modern leader in you, expand your effectivness and increase the engagement of your team. We will craft a clear vision, uncover hidden challenges and help you overcoming dips in confidence. We will hold you accountable in putting your goals into action, help you define your strategies and steps for getting there.

Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images

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June 23-25, 2017

World Youth Forum for Ethics in Innovation, Munich


June 26-27, 2017

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July 05, 2017

AugenhöheCamp Hamburg


September 19, 2017

AugenhöheCamp Zurich

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