24. October 2019

9 AM - 6 PM

Event details:

Where: WeWork Eurpapassage
Hermannstrasse 13, 20095 Hamburg

Costs: free

Organized by:
Doreen & WeWork


for entrepreneurs and startups I 60 minutes one-on-one

Are you a business owner and ready for sustainable growth? Would you like to reach the next level of your business with ease?

If so, I invite you to a free Business Breakthrough Session, to personally help you fast track your efforts, so you finally reach and even exceed your goals in 2019 and beyond.

During this powerful 1:1 private session, I will work with you together to:

  • create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate business success in 2019 and beyond

  • uncover any hidden challenges that may be slowing down your business growth, and

  • clarify the next best steps for you and your business to create results … fast.

Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement  for what’s possible in your business.

Limited timeslots will be available. 

To apply for an appointment, simply write an e-mail to for your free 60 minutes slot or click "BOOK NOW".