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Doreen Hegemann
Strategic Consultant & Change Agent


Doreen Hegemann is an expert in Future Leadership and New Work. She believes that many companies all over the globe are facing extinction, if they keep on doing business the way they are doing it right now. She supports companies and organizations to move on to the next level. Her mission is to help companies getting fit for the future.

Doreen applies nearly twenty years of experience working at global companies like E.ON and Deutsche Telekom. With this profound professional background as a consultant, entrepreneur and networker, combined with a drive to transform organization she offers unique insights into corporate realities and the challenges of the 21st century. Her focus is always on people - as well as employees and customers.

With her consultancy services, she assists companies on their way to more agility and new work. Doreen enables and encourages organizations to question their current management practices by including insights from her personal global research activities on three continents. She shares new approaches and state of the art knowledge and methods that allow companies to live up to their full potential. 

In workshops, speeches and lectures she offers an unmatched perspective regarding the requirements for leadership methods for tomorrow based on shared visions and shared values.

She still likes to travel and continues to deliver her customers new impulses from the most dynamic regions of the world.

Furthermore, Doreen Hegemann is an honorary member of the board of EWMD (European Women’s Management Development International Network), an international management network for women. She campaigns for the participation of women in executive positions within corporations as well as society and communities. “It is necessary to start the empowerment of our girls right from their early days!”



We believe in the value of a purpose-driven work and life.

We believe money follows mindset.

We believe in the value of co-creating and collaboration.

We believe in the power of agile and self-management practises.

We believe in the power of an culture of innovation.

We believe even a small move can be radical.

We believe in inspiration insted of motivation.

We believe in finding solutions rather than finding excuses.

We believe we are limited only by our creativity.

We believe in action over reaction.

We believe in attitude without arrogance.

We believe we are just getting started.